Jubilee REACH

Registration will open for Fall activities in August

Notice:  You only need to fill out a membership form once a year.  If you have already done this, please email your coach to have your student added to a roster.  

Middle School sports registration is now on Final Forms.  

For more information on how to register for middle school sports, please click here:  https://bsd405.org/departments/athletics-activities/middle-school-athletics-activities/


ELEMENTARY -  This is for specific programs being run on a limited basis- Please check with your coach/school before registering. 


Registration Instructions
1. Please fill out the Jubilee REACH Membership form to be eligible for sports and activities. ELEMENTARY STUDENTS ONLY

2. Once you have completed the Jubilee REACH Membership form, you will receive a confirmation email. For questions about registraton, contact your site coach

3. PLEASE NOTE: Jubilee REACH Membership needs to be completed only ONCE per year. To register for more activities, email your site coach.

4. ELEMENTARY - Scroll down on this page to the Elementary Registration button. Make sure to check with the coach before registering.
Elementary Membership - For Students in Kindergarten - 5th Grade - By Invitation.
  • Please fill out the form once per year

    Please check with your site coach before registering.

    Register Now
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

Do you prefer to print and fill out a paper application?  Find it here:  Youth Services Application -08-09-2016.pdf

Aplicación para jóvenes Españoles: Youth Services Application - 8-15-2016 - Spanish.pdf

Please return the application to your site coach or the Jubilee Office at your school.  (Link to directory is above).